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wipe him.

EASILY the most disturbing scene for me.Even without the context and sound.

A dull sick shade of green dominates the colour scheme, giving his skin an unhealthy yellow undertone. The other predominant colour is black; shadows engulfing him from all around.

Then comes his brilliant body language.
At the beginning he looks child-like and lost. The behaviour sharply contrasts with all the lines on his face, the stubble and gives it a wrong, uncanny feel.
In a second he changes and you can read a promise for revenge and pain in his eyes. He’s putting up a front, keeping a stiff upper lip. In a last-moment defence he tries to isolate himself from his surroundings. Focuses on one point on the wall, doesn’t move until prompted/forced-as if he is rejecting the reality around him. His breathing becomes slightly faster but he is still in control of his fear. He doesn’t want them to know they still have such power over him, that right now he is mortified out of his mind.

As soon as the restraints snap in place, however, he loses it. He is unarmed and half naked in a room of fully-armoured men and he is strapped to a chair that will cause him immense pain. So strong, in fact, that despite all the wiping he’s been through, he still remembers the wiping itself.

Mad props to Seb Stan for conveying his terror. His whole body becomes as taut as a string. His fists clench. Suddenly he is breathing harder and faster, trying to take a deep slow breath but panic has his muscles tighten and his lungs burn but can’t expand. At the peak his chest collapses with a wheeze and he closes his eyes and anyone with panic attacks knows that exact moment and feeling-you want to give up you want to get out you want it to stop. It’s an act of pure despair, it’s irrational and overwhelming.

He is no longer breathing through his nose but around the rubber between his teeth and it just makes things worse because it adds to the sense of suffocation, shortness of breath, helplessness.

What intrigues me the most is that he doesn’t squeeze his eyes shut. His neck tendons tighten to the point of breaking, he is biting the rubber with all he’s got but his eyes stay open. Enhances the horror of the scene because he doesn’t cave in to himself in his pain and fear, he ropes us in with his eyes, let’s us know what’s going on inside of his head.

(Source: daredeuil)