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Today started out great.

I was walking to school and I reached for my iPod. I heard something clack to the ground behind me. I assumed it was a just a stone I had kicked and kept walking. I then had this moment of panic where I freaked out because I thought I had dropped my phone which wasn’t a very smart conclusion, because my phone would have been more of a clatter sound then a clack but you know and so I whipped around to look behind me.

A lady was crouching down and picking up something from the ground which I thought was a bit odd, but you get all kind of weirdos in the city. I looked harder at what she held in her hand and realised it was in fact my USB. The USB that holds all of my VCE documentation. All my notes from my classes. All my chapter summaries. All my photos and important family related materials. I thanked her loudly and quickly stuffed my USB back into my inner pocket.

Random lady me thinks me love you.

Then during my double free in which I was supposed to study hard for my SAC that was coming up after school I teamed up with my friend Maggie and we had the most fun dancing, crawling and skipping past the class rooms in L3 (the music department at my school lives on the third floor of the Lakeside building), garnering strange looks from the teachers and students alike.

Unfortunately the day kept coming though and the SAC loomed ever closer. When it finally came time to sit the SAC, I slowly approached the door, knowing I’d done my best to prepare and worrying now wasn’t going to help anybody. I sat down all calmly like, and read through the questions. And very nearly slammed my head on the table in frustration – why did none of the questions on the SAC resemble anything close to the ones we’d gone over in class?!

So damn rude …

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